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Using Microinteractions to Get from Prototype to Product

Dan Saffer (Saffervescence Inc.)
Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room
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Once you have a prototype, what’s often missing is the polish that will turn your idea into a product that people will actually use and love. It’s the small details, the microinteractions, that enable the kind of positive attention and adoption that companies like Flip and Nest received.

Connected devices are composed of microinteractions: from the first time a user turns the device on, to syncing it to a network, to having it provide moments of delight throughout its life. Designing these small moments can turn a clunky proof-of-concept into something sellable.

Photo of Dan Saffer

Dan Saffer

Saffervescence Inc.

The son of a plumber and a psychologist, Dan feels the interaction design he does is a little bit of both. Since 1995, he’s designed everything from websites to consumer electronics to robots. He feels that design isn’t only about problem solving, but about creating a better, more humane, future.

At Smart Design, Dan is one of the directors of the interaction design practice, leading and advising teams to create new interaction paradigms across a wide range of products, spanning both digital and physical. Dan’s insightful, thoughtful approach to design has been captured in the three books he’s written: Microinteractions, Designing for Interaction, Designing Gestural Interfaces, and Designing Devices.