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Democratizing Innovation through Open Hardware

gabriella levine (OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association))
Location: Fleet Room
Slides:   1-PDF 

Open Source Hardware is an alternative to the patent IP structure, founded upon the belief that the more that designs and processes can be open and shared, the quicker that innovation can happen.

The Open Hardware definition states that it is any hardware whose documentation is made publicly available for others to use, modify, and distribute based on the original designs. This growing trend is an approach to proliferate technological innovation and manufacturing mainstream on local and global scales, making it easier to engineer new solutions to complex problems.

More fields in industry, design and technology are adopting the Open Hardware definition as part of their missions and values. Open-source hardware has been applied to electronics, fashion, furniture, musical instruments, bio-engineering and much more.

This talk will engage with the positive impact of democratizing technology and sharing information through the Open Hardware movement, and It will address some of the benefits, some of the challenges, and how Open Hardware is changing the landscape of the industry.

Requirements: large screen would be great for a presentation of a slide deck presentation in keynote which will include videos and photos as demonstration

Photo of gabriella levine

gabriella levine

OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association)

Gabriella Levine is an artist and hardware designer interested in the relationship between technology and ecology. She creates sculptural and robotic works that mimic environmental phenomena and animal behavior.
She co-founded Floating Point Studios in Brooklyn, is advisor of Protei Inc, and is President of OSHWA (Open Source Hardware Association).

Levine teaches at ITP (Tisch, NYU) and CIID in Copenhagen. She has exhibited work internationally including Ars Electronica, The Science Gallery Trinity College (Dublin), MIT Media Lab, Meta.Morf Electronic Arts Biennial (Norway), Transnatural Arts Festival (Amsterdam), and the American Museum of Natural History (NY). She received the 2012 Prix Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts Award, Artist in Residence at Instructables and Visible Futures Lab SVA, and the $100K Ocean Exchange Grant. She has presented globally at symposia and lectures including the Open Hardware Summit 2011 (NYC), Startup Festival (Bangalore), TEDxNavesink, DARC (Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference), LISA (leaders in Software and Art) and Unreasonable at State (US State Department). Her work has been written up in Wired, HyperAllergic, CNN, Vice Magazine, Scientific American, and NYTimes.

Levine recently returned from a radical experiment, circumnavigating the world by boat, as a Fellow of the Unreasonable At Sea accelerator, exposing Protei to 14 different ports worldwide, while innovating through human-engagement using a design-based approach of the Stanford d. School.