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The Internet of Things Democracy

yodit stanton (
Location: Festival Pavilion

One answer is to hand the power back to citizens by learning from the collaborative nature of the open source movement. Start with the premise that data is generated from communal spaces. For example, data generated by cities using telemetry and sensors, belongs to everyone and should be open. Then, utilize that data and gain a host of benefits from improving services available to communities to the transparency and self-empowerment of the people. The hope is that by providing this, and bringing our disparate datasets together, we can find things about cities that will help improve the lives of its citizens.

In this talk, Yodit Stanton will discuss the journey undertaken by opensensors.IO in its attempt to lower the financial and technical barriers to entry. By encouraging the reuse of communal sensor data sets and making them easily accessible, communities can build their own futures and smart environments. She will talk about technologies that enable various ground breaking collaborative citizen science projects using sensors and open data from ones focused on sustainability to others that wish to create smart assistive environments.

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yodit stanton

Yodit Stanton is a Software developer and CEO of, a company founded to lower the barrier to entry in publishing city scale sensor data.