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Invention is a Weather System

Shawn Frayne (Looking Glass Hong Kong Ltd.)
Location: Fleet Room

I’ve run an invention lab for nearly a decade working in the fields of clean energy, clean water, and green packaging — and now volumetric printing. I’ve learned one big thing over my years as an inventor : invention is not a single event in space and time, it’s a weather system. And most of the time, non-specialists are the key to breakthroughs.

I’ll be telling part of an invention story I’ve been part of over the past decade, running through the tenuous connections that link a styrofoam packing peanut killer to a water disinfection system, which led to a non-turbine wind harvester and micro-solar production system in a bamboo village in Haiti and in the sari-sari stores of the Philippines, all of which provided the unexpected key to a new art medium of volumetric 3D printing.

I’ll have prototypes and production samples of each link in this invention story. And I’ll end by showing the process and output of a new method of volumetric imaging that few people will have seen.

Photo of Shawn Frayne

Shawn Frayne

Looking Glass Hong Kong Ltd.

Shawn founded Haddock Invention in 2006, a clean technology incubator based in San Francisco and Hong Kong, and co-founded a spin-off company, Humdinger Wind Energy, in 2007. Through these companies, Shawn has led the development of new technologies in the fields of green packaging, solar water disinfection, small-scale solar power, energy storage, and non-turbine wind power generation. For this work, he and the teams he works with have been awarded the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award (2007), noted as one of the ‘20 Best Brains Under 40’ by Discover Magazine (2008), and listed on Inc Magazine’s ’30 Under 30’ rising business leaders list (2009).

Shawn currently leads Looking Glass HK Ltd., advancing the world’s first patent pending volumetric 3D imaging technology.

Shawn has his B.S. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.