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Open Source Hardware...What About The Design Tools?

Chris Gammell (, by Supplyframe)
Location: C260
Slides:   1-BIN 

Open source tool flows for hardware have been difficult for a long time. They have been unfriendly to learn and unreliable for any kind of production environment. But the rise of open source software developers and the rise in interest in hardware in the past few years has renewed the focus on the open source tool chain. What does this mean for makers of hardware? It means lower cost, transparent ways of creating open source hardware that can be easily shared and built upon.

This talk will discuss many of those open source tools, benefits and drawbacks of using them, how they have been changing and how they can be utilized to build or expand IoT and—more generally—electronics businesses.

Photo of Chris Gammell

Chris Gammell, by Supplyframe

Chris Gammell is a full time electrical engineer and a podcaster on The Amp Hour electronics podcast (a weekly show reaching over 5000 electronics professionals and enthusiasts). More recently, he started an online education site that teaches how to design and build electronics called Contextual Electronics. This teaches open source workflows and is community focused in its instruction. The first session of the course is two consecutive 8 week courses showing how to design (course A) and then build (course B) a multi-function Arduino shield.