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Humanizing the Industrial Internet

Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room
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Solving large-scale, Industrial Internet problems has the potential of creating huge cost savings, new products, and market opportunities. However, beyond the technical challenges, understanding human motivations and values underpinned by the Internet of Things is difficult.

As data collection and connectivity grow exponentially, the interface to remote storage, analytics and connected systems become an inflection point through which potential value is delivered to end users and equipment operators thus, increasing the importance and value of how we interact with connected hardware.

Examples are shown of how the Industrial Internet of Things can unlock value propositions such as increased productivity, better analysis, and business intelligence by better understanding human motivation.

Tangible design methodology to understanding patterns in the data lifecycle for Connected Infrastructure products is provided for designers and product teams when approaching Industrial Internet problems.

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Michael DelGaudio


As Creative Director at frog, Michael leads teams to produce products and services customers love. Placing high value on design research and the user’s point of view, Michael approaches business problems through the lens of the customer which enables him to craft physical and digital, experiences and interfaces. Michael focuses on the creative structure within his methodology and approach which enable the design teams he leads to create world-class products and services.