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Designing Automatic: Combine Equal Parts Hardware, Software, and Cloud, then Stir.

Ljuba Miljkovic (Automatic Labs)
Location: Conference Center - Golden Gate Room
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Your car is the most expensive computer you’ve ever owned, and it’s not even connected to the internet. Worse, much of the driver experience itself – from learning to drive and buying a car to getting service and dealing with unexpected repairs – hasn’t improved in years.

The auto industry, unlike so many others, has remained immune to some of the biggest technological advances of the past decade like ubiquitous connectivity, social media, and big data.

In this presentation, Ljuba shares how Automatic is changing that by augmenting your car’s onboard computer with the power of your phone’s connectivity to enable a host of modern services around car repair, crash assistance, and behavior modification for fuel efficiency.

He’ll focus on the opportunities for transforming an experience so ubiquitous as driving and the service design challenges of bringing cars into the internet of things.

Photo of Ljuba Miljkovic

Ljuba Miljkovic

Automatic Labs

Ljuba is a scientist-turned-designer whose work spans hardware, software, and services. He’s the founding designer and Chief Product Officer of Automatic Labs in San Francisco. Before that, he was at Adaptive Path, an experience design consultancy where he worked with organizations of all sizes to imagine the future and make it great.

In his past life, Ljuba was an energy scientist at Stanford University, where he conducted research into technologies to fight climate change. He believes a strong analytical approach to design can yield creative solutions that solve problems users may not even know they have.