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G28 Machine UX, You're Drunk

Mike Estee (Other Machine Co)
Location: C260
Average rating: ****.
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The history of machine interaction design is tied up in the past. For many decades these design patterns have met the needs of their commercial users.

As machine operators start to look like everyday people, we’re going to need to rethink how we all interact with these new digital manufacturing tools to enable a much greater number of people to participate in the digital manufacturing economy.

I will give a tour of the current state of the art in CAD, CAM, NC software and physical interfaces for CNC machines. We’ll then explore the differences between 3D modeling and parametric design, and why this distinction is important for the public at large.

I will then give a demo of the system our company has designed and our vision for the future of teaching machines to build our dreams.

(*G28 is the command for ‘go home’ in the machine programming language G-Code)

Photo of Mike Estee

Mike Estee

Other Machine Co

Mike has designed giant sculptures, circus equipment, robots, flying machines, and written software used by millions.

As a co-founder of the Other Machine Company he is passionate about finding a way to bring the all these experiences together to help others build their own dreams.