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The Rise of Wearables: Innovations and Impacts

Tom Wesselman (Plantronics)
Location: Fire House
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According to a recent Credit Suisse report, the wearable technology market is currently worth approximately three to five billion dollars, and it’s expected to grow to nearly 50 billion by 2018. Advances are already allowing wearables to monitor and track our activities and actions and anticipate and react in a variety of ways and situations. In some cases these devices are even contextually aware.

Why are we seeing such an explosion of wearable technologies now what’s fueling this wave? How might business processes, entertainment, healthcare and other industries leverage these new devices? How will new insights and information gleaned from wearables impact our future interactions now and in the years to come when sensing environments become commonplace and our needs, actions, biometrics, activities, preferences, and location are constantly collected and made available for analysis? What are the implications and possibilities for improving both business and day-to-day life?

In this session, Joe Burton, CTO of wearable device pioneer Plantronics, will address these questions and more while also providing an overview of the technology advances already here, still required, or complementary to the space, as wearable tech continues to evolve.

Photo of Tom Wesselman

Tom Wesselman


Tom Wesselman is Director, Ecosystem Architecture, at Plantronics. His focus is connecting the capabilities of Plantronics products to the world around them. This starts with defining and building the data and services provided by Plantronics’ wearable technology, and then by working with partners and developers to integrate those capabilities into the applications people use. Prior to Plantronics, Wesselman held senior engineering roles at Cisco, where he led a variety of UC engineering programs including the development of the company’s first UC client.