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Bringing to Life Wearable Ideas and Rapid Prototyping using Arduino

Moe Tanabian (Samsung Mobile)
Location: C260
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When designing and building Wearables, there are several factors that can make or break the device’s success. Many of these factors are technical and some are design related.

This talk touches both the Technical side and User Experience side of building Wearable devices. It additionally discusses how to bring Wearable ideas to life quickly using cost effective and ready to use Arduino based Sensors and components.

Technical factors:

• Designing and building Input and Output mechanisms for Wearables
• Sensors and sensor arrays in Wearables
• Adding connectivity to Wearables
• Optimizing energy and battery consumption in Wearables
• Hardware Reference Designs for building different Wearable experiments
UX factors:
• Form factor and wearable ergonomics
• Industrial design and fashion element in designing Wearables
• Designing interactions UX for Wearables

Photo of Moe Tanabian

Moe Tanabian

Samsung Mobile

Moe is Senior Director of Engineering for Samsung Electronics and the head of Samsung Smart Things IoT Innovation Lab in the Bay Area. He is first and foremost a Maker and advocates Maker Approach in product Development and Innovation. He has broad international experience across three continents, as well as a key contributor of several leading-edge mobile and wireless products and their evolution from both technical and business perspectives.
In the past, Moe worked for Amazon leading the efforts for building and delivering Amazon Android Appstore on Kindle Fire and HD devices, and for the wireless division of Nortel as a lead architect for CDMA and UMTS Infrastructure products.

Moe is a frequent speaker at major industry events, and is often quoted by the media on the evolution of wireless technologies, smartphones and Android in particular. He holds a Master’s degree in Systems and Computer Engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, and an MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.