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Ask me anything about the Internet of Things on Reddit

Tim O’Reilly:
Ask Me Anything About the IoT

Reddit AMA with Tim
Tuesday, April 22 at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET

The live event is over, but you can still check out Tim's AMA thread on Reddit



Internet of Things is a rapidly emerging new area with more questions than answers. If you're curious, here’s a chance to bring your questions directly to Tim O’Reilly.

Ask him anything and everything—from what IoT is and why it might be the next big thing—to his favorite devices, biggest trends and opportunities, and more.

Questions can be esoteric or entertaining, specific or far-reaching—as long as it’s in the spirit of learning more about the IoT. It'll be enlightening and fun for everyone involved, so join us Tuesday, April 22 on Reddit—and bring your questions!

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