Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA

Get It Made conference sessions

1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, 06/24/2015
Location: Fire House
Thomas Kennedy (ReFactory)
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(3.17, 6 ratings)
Why is hardware so difficult? We examine what hardware development and manufacturing can learn from software. Hardware development spans several ECAD programs, dozens of suppliers, and complex distribution. Can it ever be as simple as launching a new Rails or Node app? Read more.
2:05pm–2:45pm Wednesday, 06/24/2015
Location: Fire House
Ryan Vinyard (Highway1)
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(4.00, 6 ratings)
Many hardware projects involve hundreds or even thousands of prototypes, though the public will typically only see one 3D prototype representative of the final product. Each prior prototype should be a test to determine the right final product to build. By using the appropriate prototyping methods at each development stage, companies can be more certain that they end up shipping the best product. Read more.
2:55pm–3:35pm Wednesday, 06/24/2015
Location: Fire House
Julia Ko (SurePod Corporation)
Average rating: ****.
(4.33, 9 ratings)
SurePod is a first gen mini cellphone built in a year for 100k. The entrepreneurs bootstrapped development and contract manufacturing overseas while building a dealer network in parallel. This session highlights methodologies on managing electronics manufacturers and the supply chain in Shenzhen. Get tools and insight into what it’s like working with factories at each stage in the cycle. Read more.
4:35pm–5:15pm Wednesday, 06/24/2015
Location: Fire House
Renee DiResta (New Knowledge)
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(3.40, 5 ratings)
Ninety percent of the world's goods cross the globe on container ships. In the United States, 3.5 million truck drivers deliver $671 billion of freight each year. The logistics ecosystem is massive, and software is transforming it. This talk covers the "APIs for the physical world" that are fundamentally transforming how people move things. Read more.
5:25pm–6:05pm Wednesday, 06/24/2015
Location: Fire House
Scott Miller (Dragon Innovation, Inc.)
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(5.00, 2 ratings)
The foundation of a successful hardware company is built upon many things - a great team, a product with consumer interest and appeal, funding, and so much more. But ultimately none of these things matter without a solid manufacturing plan and a clear understanding of the manufacturing triangle: Cost, quality, and schedule. Read more.