Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA
Mickey McManus

Mickey McManus
Fellow, Office of the CTO, Autodesk

Website | @mickeymcmanus

Mickey McManus is a research fellow at Autodesk in the Office of the CTO and a principal and chairman of the board at MAYA Design, a technology design and innovation lab. In 2012, he coauthored the book Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology (Wiley) — a field guide to the future, when computing will be freely accessible in the ambient environment. Trillions was awarded the Axiom Gold Award in 2013 for best business book about technology and the 2013 Carnegie Science Award in the Science Communicator category. Mickey speaks frequently about pervasive computing, design, and business innovation. He has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University, Illinois Institute of Technology, LUMA Institute, MIT, Princeton, University of Illinois, UC Berkeley, and UCLA. Mickey holds nine patents in the area of connected products, vehicles, and services. His work has been published in Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business Review.


11:35am–11:45am Wednesday, 06/24/2015
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Location: Herbst Pavilion
Mickey McManus (Autodesk)
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We are fast approaching an era of unprecedented complexity as more and more things, environments, and systems become interconnected. Navigating this world will require coming to terms with three disruptive trends: digital manufacturing, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. Read more.