Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA
Mark Stephen Meadows

Mark Stephen Meadows
President, Botanic, LLC

Website | @meadovian

Meadows is an American author, inventor, and designer. With two decades’ experience in VR, fifteen years in AI, and five years in robotics, he has helped design voice-control and conversational characters at some of the world’s top research labs (Xerox PARC, SRI, Waag, others). As President of BOTanic he leads the company to develop voice solutions in the automotive, mobile, and IoT industries. He has worked as a government-level consultant in both hemispheres, and has written four books that examine technology and their social consequences. He is based in San Francisco.


4:35pm–5:15pm Thursday, 06/25/2015
Location: Southside Theater (Bldg D)
Mark Stephen Meadows (Botanic, LLC)
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We now talk with our computers via natural language. When they make suggestions about healthcare or finance – or when they measure our emotions with lexical analysis – ethical questions arise. This talk examines the role of personality design for robots, Internet of Things, and several other systems that use natural language interfaces. Read more.