Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA
Philippa Mothersill

Philippa Mothersill
Researcher, MIT Media Lab


Philippa Mothersill is a researcher in the Object-Based Media group at the MIT Media Lab, where she explores the language of design, particularly how objects can communicate information to us through their form. Through research that connects design theory, synesthesia, and linguistics, she investigates computational processes for the design of static and dynamically expressive objects, and explores how the design attributes of physical objects can become a more active medium for communication. Before the Media Lab, Philippa worked for three years as a product designer for Procter & Gamble, where she led the upstream industrial design of new products by bringing together design research, marketing narrative, and functional technology to create the first aesthetically designed functional prototype in a product’s development cycle. She holds a MEng in aeronautical engineering from the University of Bristol, a joint MA/MSc degree in industrial design engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London, and has just completed her S.M. in media arts and sciences at MIT.


1:30pm–5:00pm Tuesday, 06/23/2015
Tutorial, Design
Location: Fleet Room (Bldg D)
Philippa Mothersill (MIT Media Lab)
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We subconsciously perceive information in objects through their physical design language, a language that designers use to embody meaning in objects by manipulating their physical attributes. This workshop explores the communicative design language of physical artifacts through a hands-on design game, and considers how this language could be integrated into design tools for communicative objects. Read more.