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June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA
Eduardo Torrealba

Eduardo Torrealba
Research and Development Engineer, torrealba.io

Website | @Eduardo3rd

Eduardo Torrealba was the co-founder and CEO of Oso Technologies. During graduate school he worked with four friends to develop a soil-moisture monitoring platform called PlantLink. PlantLink monitored the moisture needs of plants using interconnected sensor systems and mobile devices. Eduardo received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Baylor University and his M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) through a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.


2:05pm–2:45pm Thursday, 06/25/2015
Location: Cowell Theater (Herbst Pavilion)
Eduardo Torrealba (torrealba.io)
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What happens after your product ships and you run out of money? Eduardo Torrealba walks you through the ups and downs of his last company. Get a rare glimpse behind the curtain to learn about how and why a venture-funded hardware startup went out of business. Find out what you can do to avoid a similar fate in your current or future company. Read more.