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June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA

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3D Vision Technologies has developed a 3D mobile app solution called Whoosh3D. In its most basic form, Whoosh3D is a patent-pending 3D viewing solution that enables a conventional 2D smart phone or tablet to display pop-out 3D photos and videos without the need for glasses. It uses proprietary software and a 3D-enabled screen protector, enabling us to deliver on the promise of glasses-free 3D.
6SensorLabs creates food transparency by developing products that enable consumers to rapidly test their food for allergens.
Bring connectivity to your products with ANT, an established ultra-low power wireless protocol perfectly suited for sensing and control applications that are fueling the IoT. For ease and flexibility in connection, ANT offers a family of multi-node wireless solutions suitable for a range of applications from device-to-device links through to high node count networks
Ayda is a wearable fertility tracker.
Presenter: Anirudh Uppal, Solid Fellow
Anirudh Uppal is a freshman high school student and hacker-maker. Upon experiencing debilitating respiratory illness, he wanted to know what the 3000 gallons of air he breathed every day consisted of. Anirudh built calibrated personal air pollution monitors at the Techshop, using modified dust sensors, a cloud database and analytics services, and open Arduino and SparkIO hardware, for under $100.
Building Robotics gives office occupants control of their comfort by allowing them to engage directly with the systems behind their workplace environment.
Cloudponics is a fully automated plant-growing solution that allows any grower to go from seed to harvest with optimal results and no hassle.
Grab a drink, mingle with fellow conference participants, and see the latest technologies and products from leading companies in the Solid space.
Elementum Situation Room gives supply chain teams a new, compelling, and beautiful way to visualize and promote their supply chains within their organization. Teams use Elementum during day-to-day operations, quarterly reviews, crisis/issue management, and executive presentations to help monitor and communicate supply chain operations.
Make any light a smart light.
FarmHub provides weather stations paired with cloud connectivity as a service.
A venture-backed Silicon Valley startup that will revolutionize the way work is done, with innovative robotic solutions.
SmartPlate is the first intelligent plate that instantly tracks and analyzes everything you eat with up to 99.7 percent accuracy.
FogHorn provides an application development and deployment platform for multi-tier IoT infrastructures, that consists of processing and storage in the cloud as well as at the edge (“fog”).
RDP has been specifically designed to put the power of genetic engineering into everyone's hands (robots too!) by enabling you to build genetic functions with DNA parts that fit together like LEGO. No need for a PhD, traditional lab, or government permission.
Gobot is an open source robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) framework, written in the Go programming language.
Arx Pax will display its newest iteration of the Hendo Hoverboard™, as well as the control- and propulsion-capable “Manta Ray." Both utilize Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA)™, a breakthrough in magnetic field design, efficiency, and usefulness.
IOT Inventor is a drag-and-drop programming environment for configuring and deploying IOT devices, instant mobile interfaces, and cloud-based data storage, processing, and analytics without doing any coding.
Send/receive messages from your smartphone via Roampod without a cellular or a WiFi connection, using a combination of long-range radio and mesh networking technology.
Comfee makes window blinds smart and energy bills small.
Cloud Beacon is the world's most powerful beacon tool, which thanks to built-in WiFi, connects beacons within its range directly to the internet, making it possible to remotely manage any number of beacons in any number of venues.
We build hardware as a platform for helping companies to connect their products.
The Looksee bracelet fuses art, fashion, and technology to show patterns, photos, and real-time information on a large glanceable display.
Presenter: Luna Chen, Solid Fellow
Luna Chen is a New York-based interactive designer. Her design work has won many awards including the Red Dot Concept Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), and the 2014 US Citi Mobile Challenge. Fueled by her passion for solving social problems by design thinking, she is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Lovoy.
The Metamorphosys Tools are free and open-source tools used for the design and analysis of electronics. You can use them to quickly build and analyze your Ara module designs.
MODE is a cloud platform that takes care of the most essential function of any IoT system: connecting devices reliably to the people who use them.
EngineSMS records engine hours and battery voltage automatically via WiFi, making it easy to log heavy equipment usage.
Nascent Objects is a platform to design and deliver smart, functional IoT products in a matter of days.
We'll demo physical prototypes of C.H.I.P., the world's first nine-dollar computer, and PocketC.H.I.P., the case/keyboard/touchscreen that makes it portable.
LIT Pro is an advanced training platform and performance aide for athletes, starting with helmet-based sports.
PARC will demo two novel technologies.
We are designing, building and maintaining the largest fleet of Earth imaging satellites, an automated image processing pipeline, and data delivery product.
Presenter: Hannah Mishin, Solid Fellow
Hannah Mishin is an artist in pursuit of things that serve ideas. This pursuit has brought her to various media - from traditional practices to physical computing, circuits, and code.
Predikto enables their customers to improve asset and operational performance by harnessing the power of their own data along with other external data. Predikto does this by leveraging their SaaS-delivered predictive analytics software engine.
As a very special treat for Solid this year, Quentin and his star mechanic Steven have flown in from Kenya to collaborate with local car hacker team Rat Hack Shop to show us a one-of-a-kind Kenya-meets-San Francisco collaboration.
Resin.io is a modern DevOps workflow for the Internet of Things. The resin.io platform allows developers to build multi-device IoT applications on Linux devices as easy as they build for the cloud today.
Skyworks Aerial Systems is an educational drone kit that teaches kids about engineering in a LEGO fashion, and programming in a Codecademy style.
Presenter: Maria Paula Saba, Solid Fellow
Maria Paula Saba is a resident at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, where she graduated in 2014. She is interested in the intersection between physical and digital, which she has explored in research labs such as Siemens and Intel. As a designer amazed by technology, she has developed electronic jewelry to raise girls' interest in programming, and is a co-founder of Jewliebots.
Stack is the creator of the world’s first fully responsive light bulb that can sense and respond to its environment with embedded ambient light and occupancy sensors.
The most intense startup competition in the world, where top talent compete to build the next generation of technology companies over the course of a 72-hour bus ride.
Presenter: Ted Tagami, Solid Fellow
This project-based STEM course is mapped to Next Generation and Common Core State standards for middle schools, high schools, and universities, where students construct a simulated satellite in the volume of a soda can using open source hardware and software.
Presenter: Aditya Patil, Solid Fellow
Aditya Patil came across the ECCE humanoid robot (www6.in.tum.de/Main/ResearchEccerobot) in 2012. It inspired him to address pertinent actuation issues for humanoids. He received an invitation from Prof. Rolf Pfeifer to work at the AI Lab in Zurich - this exposure solidified Aditya's soft-robotics background.
Presenter: Jerry Belich, Solid Fellow
Jerry Belich is a long-time software developer (and game developer) who jumped into hardware after working on a large installation project at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas. His first solo hardware project was the successfully Kickstarted interactive fiction box called the Choosatron, which continues to grow in scope and popularity, along with his other hardware toys and games.
The Dervishes is an expressive musical instrument that uses robotic technology to control physical sounds. It was created to meld with choral voices, and was featured summer 2014 at the Royal Opera House in a new work by Matthew Herbert.
Presenter: Philippa Mothersill, Solid Fellow
As a product designer, Philippa Mothersill is interested in the language of design. Her degrees in engineering and industrial design have enabled her to explore this fascinating area further. As a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, she brings together research in design theory, synesthesia, and linguistics to develop computational processes for the design of expressive and communicative objects.
Presenter: Tyler Hopf, Solid Fellow
In academia Tyler Hopf has focused on architecture and psychology, but more recently has interned with a research lab at Samsung. He is working for a small design firm that is collaborating with Magic Leap to design an augmented reality interface. Tyler is interested in the perceived world and how we can use augmented reality to alter our interaction with space.
Manufacturing and Business Fireside chats will be hosted in the O’Reilly booth and will take place during breaks. Each informal session will be a short 15 minute Q&A with a selected speaker and moderator.
Mentoring Sessions give you a chance to meet the speakers face-to-face in a small group setting.
Transformair is a connected air purifier that destroys indoor air pollutants including mold, viruses, bacteria, airborne chemicals, and allergens.
Trusource provides technical support and customer care for complex products in the IoT space, including Nest, Dropcam, Plum, Canary, and Lyve.
Startup and Business Fireside chats will be hosted in the O’Reilly booth and will take place during breaks. Each informal session will be a short 15 minute Q&A with a selected speaker and moderator.
Mentoring Sessions give you a chance to meet the speakers face-to-face in a small group setting.
Presenter: Heidi Boisvert, Solid Fellow
For years, Heidi Boisvert anticipated future tech trends and developed ways of deploying 3D games, Facebook transmedia experiences, and AR mobile apps to drive positive social change. In the process of keeping up with the latest and hippest tech, she witnessed an erosion of critical feeling. This gave birth to XTH. We make free and open biotechnologies for new modes of expression.
Lean forward to go, lean back to stop. That's how you ride the ZBoard: the world's first weight-sensing electric skateboard.
Solid attendees will participate in an unprecedented demo as we manufacture Alike Bands live, right in the Solid demo pavilion, and hand them out to members of the audience. You’ll see components become fully-functioning electronics on an assembly line, in an illustration of how fast and fluid the hardware process has become.