Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA

A conversational Internet of Things

Nick O'Leary (IBM)
2:05pm–2:45pm Wednesday, 06/24/2015
Keynote, Sponsored
Location: C 210 (Bldg C)
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As more things start talking to each other and colluding for the benefit of the people around, new behaviours and experiences will begin to emerge.

For every emergent behaviour that is delightful and useful, there is the potential for behaviours that are alarming and harmful.

There is a distinct challenge in finding a way to help users to understand these behaviours, to help reveal the decisions and collaboration, and to expose the communication in a way that is both accessible and intuitive.

The Conversational Internet of Things provides a human window into this world. It uses principles around controlled natural language to build a vocabulary that allows the user to form a dialog with their devices, and to observe their interactions as they change over time.

This session will examine what it means to have a conversation with your devices, and introduce some of the underlying technology that enables such a system.

This session is sponsored by IBM

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Nick O'Leary


Nick is an Emerging Technology Specialist at IBM where he gets to do interesting things with interesting technologies and also play with toys.

With a background in pervasive messaging, he is a developer on the Eclipse Paho project and sits on the OASIS MQTT Technical Committee. He is the creator of Node-RED, an open source tool for wiring the Internet of Things.