Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA

Listen to your product; it knows more than your customer

Russ Fadel (ThingWorx)
2:05pm–2:45pm Thursday, 06/25/2015
Location: C 210 (Bldg C)
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Prerequisite Knowledge

An understanding of product development, customer service and IoT.


The manufacturing industry is building toward that future today by blurring the line between products and services. By understanding the “Voice of the Data” – using real-time analytics to act on the data created by connected systems in everything from smart cars and enterprise IT apps to consumer products – companies can create new market opportunities that change how consumers and products interact with each other.

Previously, manufacturers relied on customer feedback to maintain and upgrade products. Now, product analytics can fix issues before they happen – and create new opportunities for product design and service. This is done by listening to the “Voice of the Data,” where manufacturers are able to gather, interpret, and feed product data back into the product design cycle. This enables an entirely new set of capabilities that builds value for both manufacturers and their customers. The goal is to understand a product’s use, so the manufacturer can find and fix problems at a faster rate than waiting for customer notifications.

Attendees of this session will understand that pulling information from internet-connected devices is one thing, but when deciding how to use and share it, the boundaries of regulations and policies must be taken into consideration.

Mr. Fadel will lead a discussion that covers many ideas and scenarios that companies should be doing to better understand how to collect and interpret product data.

Because, just maybe, the data is always right.

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Russ Fadel


Russell Fadel is the president and general manager of ThingWorx™, a PTC business, creator of an award-winning platform to build and run applications designed to leverage the Internet of Things. In his current position Russ is responsible for driving business to help customers in a wide range of industries seeking to leverage the IoT. This includes telecommunications, utilities, medical devices, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, industrial equipment, and transportation, as well as an emerging partner network of IoT-enabled service providers. Prior to its acquisition by PTC, Russ was a co-founder and the CEO of ThingWorx. Prior to ThingWorx Russ was the CEO and co-founder of Lighthammer Software Development, where he was responsible for helping conceptualize and bring to market the world’s first application composition platform targeted at real-time manufacturing. Russ successfully established Lighthammer as the recognized market leader in the manufacturing intelligence and application composition markets. Lighthammer was later acquired by SAP. Prior to founding Lighthammer, Russ also co-founded two successful companies that design, market, sell, and implement manufacturing operations software and hardware.