March 16–17, 2015: Training
March 17–19, 2015: Conference
Boston, MA
Rachel Laycock

Rachel Laycock
Market Technical Principal, ThoughtWorks

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Rachel Laycock works for ThoughtWorks as a Market Technical Principal in New York with over 10 years of experience in systems development. She has worked on a wide range of technologies and the integration of many disparate systems. Since working at ThoughtWorks, Rachel has coached teams on Agile and Continuous Delivery technical practices and has played the role of coach, trainer, technical lead, architect, and developer. She is now a member of the Technical Advisory Board to the CTO, which regularly produces the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar. Rachel is fascinated by problem solving and has discovered that people problems are often more difficult to solve than software ones.


1:15pm–2:45pm Wednesday, 03/18/2015
Microservices, pros and cons
Location: 302
Molly Bartlett (ThoughtWorks), Rachel Laycock (ThoughtWorks)
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It seems as if the whole world of software development is in a debate over whether microservices are the new silver bullet architecture. "They're better for maintainability!" "No - larger systems are easier in the long run!" These arguments & more will be explored/argued during our session as we aim to demonstrate an entertaining debate regarding the pros & cons of microservices. Read more.