March 16–17, 2015: Training
March 17–19, 2015: Conference
Boston, MA

Johann Schleier-Smith
CTO, if(we)

Website | @jssmith

Johann leads if(we) with partner, co-founder and long-time friend, Greg Tseng. Under Johann’s leadership, if(we) conceived, developed and refined Tagged, a social networking product supporting 300 million users in over 200 countries. With balanced interests in software development, data science, product design, and building businesses, Johann works closely the team to meet the trends of 21st century social life, always keen to adapt cutting-edge technology to internet-size and internet-speed applications.

Johann holds an A.B. in Physics and Mathematics from Harvard University and pursued a Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford for several years, before leaving to fully focus on his entrepreneurial career. He is also an advisor to the Immunity Project, a non-profit initiative dedicated to developing a free vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Outside of the office, Johann can be found riding waves while kitesurfing in summer, and riding snow in winter.


1:15pm–2:45pm Thursday, 03/19/2015
Big Data, Reactive and its variants
Location: 304
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Data science makes businesses more responsive and offers possibilities for new products, yet companies only access a fraction of the value in their data. Software architecture helps. We share design decisions and a reactive programming framework that allow flexibility in deploying machine learning and data science in real-world business scenarios, where change and iterative progress is constant. Read more.