March 16–17, 2015: Training
March 17–19, 2015: Conference
Boston, MA

Convince Your Manager

You're eager to attend Software Architecture, and why not? It has the potential to help you work smarter, and support your business and career goals. Below are some resources that can help you get approval to attend.

Before the Conference: Build Support for Your Attendance

During the Conference: Track Your Participation

The conference website has useful features to help keep track of your participation. Use the Personal Schedule feature to track the sessions you attend (you must be registered to access the Personal Schedule).

A few weeks before the conference, you'll receive a notification when the Attendee Directory becomes available, so you can start to note and contact the people you're interested in meeting.

Post about the sessions you attend on social media—your colleagues will see what you're learning, and you can review your posts after the conference to recap. The official Twitter conference hashtag is #oreillysacon.

After the Conference: Create a Report and Share What You Learned

After the conference, you'll receive an email with links listing the sessions you attended and people you've met (if you've marked them in your Personal Scheduler and Attendee Directory).

Use this information and the conference Trip Report Template to create a report detailing what you learned. Supplement your own materials with speaker slides and keynote videos, posted during and after the conference. Search for news articles, blog posts, and #oreillysacon tweets for additional reference materials to include.

The 3-day All-Access Pass also comes with a Complete Video Compilation of all recorded presentations, so you can watch them with colleagues who were unable to attend.

Top Five Reasons to Attend Software Architecture

  1. Get the professional knowledge you need in one place.
    Staying current with new trends, philosophies, and practices is one of your toughest challenges. The practical program at the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference lets you home in on the topics that matter most.
  2. Learn from the best—and make valuable connections.
    Our speakers are the best and most original minds in the field. They're distinguished by their passion for technology, hard-earned expertise, and willingness to share their knowledge. Between sessions, you'll meet and compare notes with other professionals. The people you meet at the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference may turn to out to be the most worthwhile connections in your career.
  3. Get solutions that you can apply today.
    Make a list of your biggest headaches and compare it to the conference program. Odds are, the solutions await you. Learn from others' success stories and failures. Get side-by-side comparisons of the latest products and technologies. Learn how other organizations structure their work, identify strategic outcomes, and successfully deliver.
  4. Expand your skills with professional training.
    In addition to conference sessions, you can add two days of highly focused professional training, covering topics like Fundamentals of Software Architecture, Building Microservices, and Cloud-Native Application Architectures.
  5. Save time and money by nurturing your team.
    No one knows your organization like the people who are already working to achieve your goals. Increase their value and productivity (and yours) by learning how to develop their technical and leadership skills.