March 16–17, 2015: Training
March 17–19, 2015: Conference
Boston, MA

The Fundamentals of Cloud Native Applications

Matt Stine (Spring Cloud Pivotal CF)
9:00am Monday, 03/16/2015
9:00am Tuesday, 03/17/2015
Location: 312


In this 2-day, hands-on training you will learn the basic building blocks and architectural approaches pioneered at Netflix. Roll up your sleeves and learn about service discovery, load balancing, and fault tolerance built on open source from Netflix, Spring and Cloud Foundry. You will leave with an understanding of how cloud native applications, microservices, devops and continuous delivery all come together to deliver value for your organization.

Starting with the basics of 12 factor applications and automated deployments, you will build a microservice based architecture with service discovery, load balancing, identity management and fault tolerance.

In this class the learner will become familiar with open source from NetflixOSS, Spring and Cloud Foundry to deploy an easy-to-understand storefront system (complete with product search, details, reviews, and recommendations) with a cloud-native architecture using patterns are provided by the Spring Cloud project, which wraps the battle-tested components found at NetflixOSS.

By the end of day two you will have integrated the three services utilizing Spring Cloud/Netflix OSS services, built an API Gateway, built a user interface that interacts with that gateway, and deployed the completed solution to Cloud Foundry.


This course is best suited for an intermediate audience level.

Attendance is limited to 35 participants.


Professional Java web programming experience is assumed. Experience with frameworks like Spring will be helpful but not strictly required. Knowledge of version control systems is assumed. Some previous experience with cloud platforms will be helpful but not strictly required.

Instructor: Senior Product Manager at Spring Cloud Pivotal CF, Matt Stine

Computer Requirements