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Feb 25–26, 2018: Training
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Turning request-response on its head

Cornelia Davis (Pivotal)
9:25am–9:45am Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Location: Grand Ballroom

These days software is increasingly built as a collection of smaller, loosely coupled services, and with the gains realized in terms of agility and resilience also come the numerous challenges of distributed systems. For example, to account for potential failures in servers, availability zones, and regions, unexpectedly long response latencies, and network instability, we have put patterns such as retries, circuit breakers, service discovery, and caching in place with a fair bit of success. But these solutions assume and are built around a request-response invocation style.

Cornelia Davis explains how to use an event-driven approach to address the fallacies of distributed computing in a very different way, offering significant benefits over request-response, and details event-oriented solutions to problems commonly addressed with well-known patterns.

Photo of Cornelia Davis

Cornelia Davis


A self-proclaimed propeller head, Cornelia Davis is a platform engineer in the Cloud Foundry Group at Pivotal, where she is responsible for making developers successful with the Cloud Foundry PaaS. You can generally find her knee deep in the OSS code base, writing apps and deploying them onto the PaaS, teaching at a whiteboard, presenting at conferences, and passionately driving new features into the product. When not doing any of those things, she’s either on her yoga mat or in the kitchen.

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