Engineering the Future of Software
Feb 3–4, 2019: Training
Feb 4–6, 2019: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Schedule: Chaos engineering sessions

2:15pm–3:05pm Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Location: Sutton Center/Sutton South
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Case Study
Tyler Lund (
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(4.56, 9 ratings) delivers millions of hours of audio content daily across a range of mobile apps and devices. As the company has grown, it has had to quickly scale to meet demand and provide the best experience for its customers. Tyler Lund explains how Audible's audio delivery and playback architectures have evolved and how the company utilizes chaos engineering at scale to improve reliability. Read more.
3:50pm–4:40pm Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Location: Grand Ballroom West
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Case Study
Subbu Allamaraju (Expedia Group)
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(3.25, 4 ratings)
How do you bring safety back into an organizational culture when the contemporary patterns used to increase the rate of change also contribute to increased fragility? Subbu Allamaraju examines contributing factors, the limits of chaos testing, and patterns and practices needed to support a high rate of change while also maintaining system safety. Read more.