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The future of cloud-native programming (sponsored by IBM)

Tamar Eilam (IBM Research)
9:25am–9:30am Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Location: Grand Ballroom West
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Cloud-native programming refers to the practice of continuously delivering software as a service. Multiple programming paradigms and platforms have emerged, such as 12-factor apps and serverless, offering varying degrees of abstraction, visibility, control, and simplification and optimized toward different types of workloads, such as event-based, request-response, stateful, and stateless. An examination of use cases shows that a realistic cloud-native application will be composed of a plurality of artifacts such as event-based functions and long-running request-response-based microservices.

A unified cloud platform is beginning to emerge that includes Kubernetes for container orchestration and Istio microservice mesh—allowing portability, visibility, and security. The next frontier is the evolution of the cloud platform to bring together and unify key programming paradigms for greater simplicity, visibility, and control. Tamar Eilam offers an overview of this emerging cloud platform, discusses the roles that multiple open source projects play, and offers a path forward toward the unification of the cloud programming model.

This keynote is sponsored by IBM.

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Tamar Eilam

IBM Research

Tamar Eilam is an IBM Fellow at the IBM Watson Research Center, where she leads R&D and technical strategy in the area of cloud native. Her current focus is the new cloud stack, including Kubernetes and Istio—especially how it can be leveraged for cloud-native programming with increased productivity and reduced risk.