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Architecting IT transformation

Gregor Hohpe (
9:05am–9:25am Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Location: Grand Ballroom West
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Architects generally concern themselves with change: a system that’s never going to change in functionality, scope, scale, or environment may not actually need an architect. Many organizations want to change. For instance, facing pressure from digital disruptors, large incumbent companies are looking to become more agile, more customer-centric, and more “digital.”

Do architects have a role in such transformations? All signs point to yes: large organizations behave not unlike large technical systems, and organizational changes have to go hand in hand with technical changes, anyhow.

Join Gregor Hohpe to find out how architects can use what they know about technical systems to help refactor organizations.

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Gregor Hohpe

Gregor Hohpe is an advisor at, where he advises CTOs and technology leaders in the transformation of their organization and IT infrastructure. Riding the architect elevator from the engine room to the penthouse, he connects corporate strategy with technical implementation by making complex topics engaging and approachable without compromising technical accuracy. Previously, Gregor was a technical director at Google Cloud’s Office of the CTO and a chief architect at Allianz, one of world’s largest insurance companies. Having established accelerated innovation and complexity and cost reduction as architecture goals, he oversaw a global data center consolidation and deployed the first on-premises cloud and software delivery platform. He’s a coauthor of the seminal book Enterprise Integration Patterns, which is widely cited as the reference vocabulary for asynchronous messaging solutions. His book 37 Things One Architect Knows about IT Transformation tells stories from the trenches of IT transformation, while his articles have been featured in Best Software Writing by Joel Spolsky and 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know. He’s an active member of the IEEE Software advisory board.