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Feb 3–4, 2019: Training
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New York, NY
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Developing great architects: Creating the right environment for growth

Jean Bordelon (Bounteous)
1:15pm–2:05pm Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Leadership skills
Location: Mercury Ballroom
Secondary topics:  Case Study, Overview
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Technical leaders and managers



What you'll learn

  • Learn several effective techniques for organically developing your architecture competencies that go beyond a reliance on project or client work


This talk is for those organizations that have struggled to provide the right development opportunities for team members as the team grows—whether to developers looking to move into architecture or existing architects looking to become better craftsmen.

Jean Bordelon shares approaches to give aspiring architects meaningful ways to grow and veteran architects ways to hone their craft, as well as lessons learned along the way. Your milage may very, and for sure some of the approaches have worked better than others. Jean offers an overview of the real-world experience as his team experimented with these techniques, helping guide your journey toward a stronger, more capable architecture competency and helping your team reach their potential.

Photo of Jean Bordelon

Jean Bordelon


Jean Bordelon is a lead architect at Bounteous and owner of Jean Bordelon Gallery. A broadly skilled, multidisciplinary technical leader who drives the delivery of strong business value to his clients, he’s passionate about crafting innovative solutions for complex problems that have real impact for client business. With a deep entrepreneurial background of creating and working with startups and industry leaders, Jean draws on this experience and expertise to see the connection of the business needs and technical possibilities to lead the development of critical business web applications and solutions.