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META for microservices: Getting your enterprise migration in motion

Matt McLarty (MuleSoft, a Salesforce company)
9:00am–12:30pm Monday, February 4, 2019
Location: Mercury Ballroom
Secondary topics:  Best Practice
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Enterprise architects, software architects, and technology leaders



Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic understanding of microservices and microservice architecture
  • Familiarity with domain-driven design, API design, and cloud-native technologies (useful but not required)

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to apply design thinking to address the strategies, methodologies, technologies, and cultural tactics that will help an enterprise succeed with microservice architecture


Organizations of all shapes and sizes are adopting microservice architectures in the hopes of emulating the success of web-native companies like Amazon and Netflix. For large, established enterprises, the returns have been mixed, often due to overrotating on the technological aspects of microservices rather than addressing the bigger picture.

Matt McLarty introduces Microservice-Based Enterprise Transformation Architecture (META), a holistic approach organizations can use to ensure their microservices migration delivers its intended benefits. META addresses the technological, operational, methodological, and cultural aspects of the migration effort.

META utilizes five design disciplines to address the strategic, technological, operational, methodological, organizational, and cultural aspects of the migration effort:

  • Program design: A focus on setting goals and mobilizing the enterprise change initiative
  • System design: A focus on deconstructing the business domain and setting service boundaries (uses concepts from domain-driven design (DDD))
  • Service design: A focus on designing individual services, their interfaces, and their implementations (uses the Microservice Design Canvas)
  • Foundation design: A focus on identifying the technological capabilities underpinning the microservices migration effort (introduces the POISED model)
  • Practice design: A focus on the processes and practices needed to succeed in the microservices migration

Along the way, you’ll explore the Microservice Design Canvas and other artifacts and gain practical guidance on how to help your own organizations benefit from microservice architecture through META.

Photo of Matt McLarty

Matt McLarty

MuleSoft, a Salesforce company

Matt McLarty leads API Strategy for MuleSoft, a Salesforce company. He works closely with organizations to design and implement innovative, enterprise-grade API and microservices solutions. An experienced software architect, Matt has worked extensively in the field of integration and real-time transaction processing for software vendors and clients alike. He has coauthored Microservice Architecture and Securing Microservice APIs for O’Reilly.

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Sanjay Kammili |
02/06/2019 11:37am EST

With all the information on the slides I feel I missed the sessions. I will try to digest, looks to me these are great presentations. Thanks Matt for the great work.

Sanjay Kammili |
02/06/2019 11:24am EST

I can see the slides got uploaded. Thank you Matt and Andre’ for your help on this.

Picture of Matt McLarty
02/04/2019 12:47pm EST

I’ve doublechecked to make sure they’re uploaded in the profile. I’m sure they’ll show up on this page soon! Thanks, Matt

Sanjay Kammili |
02/04/2019 12:16pm EST

Where is the link to slides? I can’t find the link on this page.

02/04/2019 6:49am EST

thanks Andre’ per speaker, he posted it…

Picture of Andre' Morrow
02/04/2019 6:35am EST

Slides may be provided following the talk. The link is located on this page. Some speakers cannot share their slides for proprietary reasons.

02/04/2019 6:31am EST

where can we find the slides?

Picture of Patrick Dirden
02/03/2019 2:40pm EST

Hi Mélanie,

Come by the Customer Service desk at Registration in the morning. We’ll make it right.


02/03/2019 12:31pm EST

Hi I have subscribed to another tutorial instead of this one. But I still see this one registered…