Engineering the Future of Software
April 10–11, 2016: Training
April 11–13, 2016: Conference
New York, NY

Ignite Software Architecture sponsored by StrongLoop

6:30pm–8:00pm Monday, 04/11/2016
Location: Sutton
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If you had five minutes on stage, what would you say? Would you talk about your latest passion? Describe the trip of a lifetime? Teach a hack? We’ll find out at in this high-energy, fast-paced technology show-and-tell. Any topic is fair game as long as it’s interesting, from technology to culture to business to science fiction. Speakers are limited to 20 slides, which automatically advance after 15 seconds—that’s the fun of Ignite!

There will be food and beverages throughout the event, with networking and mingling happening for the first half hour. Presentations will start promptly at 7:00 pm.

Ignite presenters receive a Bronze pass to Software Architecture, which includes access to conference keynotes, sessions, and all conference-related networking events.

The call for proposals (CFP) is closed.


Tales From The Core (Abel Mathew)

For most of us, core dumps have one purpose: to help diagnose and debug application faults. For the rest of us, core dumps represent a wealth of information that can be used to dig deep into the run-time behavior of an application. This talk opens up the core dump and explores the many insights it can give into an application.

Family History – What do you mean I’m like my ancestors (BJ Blinston)

A quick history of why you are who you are. Including the great sayings that you use when you become a parent/grandparent.

Family via Bean Injection instead of Inheritance (Ray Camden)

Expanding your family via adoption is a very complex, messy, emotional process. In 5 minutes Raymond will distill this down to 20 slides and give a broad overview of what the process is like and why it worked for his family.

Ignite Karaoke

In Ignite Karaoke, participants must improvise a short talk based on slides they’ve never seen before, and they couldn’t possibly predict.

The Three Things You’re Missing With Microservices (Matt McLarty)

The whole world loves Microservices right now, and there are good reasons. But how can you prevent this software architectural style from becoming just another fad? Join this Ignite talk to learn the three key ingredients to making your Microservice Architecture last.

What a philosophy major taught me about software engineering (Andrew Rota)

What does philosophy, the liberalist of the liberal arts, have in common with computer science and software architecture? Turns out, more than you might expect. This is the story of how the principles I learned in my philosophy studies ended up applying every day in my work as a software engineer.

Do You Speak Jackal or Giraffe? Resolving Conflict at Work (Whitney Hess)

Whitney Hess demonstrates how to apply nonviolent communication to everyday work conflicts. Find out if you’re letting judgments and blame get in the way of effective collaboration, and learn how to create better relationships with clients, colleagues, and yourself.