4–7 Nov 2019
Viacheslav Inozemtsev

Viacheslav Inozemtsev
Data Engineer, Zalando


Viacheslav Inozemtsev is a data engineer at Zalando on its data lake project, building an internal data platform on top of S3, Spark, Presto, and serverless cloud technologies, enabling machine learning and AI for all teams and departments of the company, and solving GDPR in one place. He has 7+ years of data and software engineering experience. He earned a degree in applied mathematics and an MSc degree in computer science mostly on the topics of data processing and analysis.


15:0015:45 Thursday, 7 November 2019
Location: M8
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Case Study
Building a data lake is a hard task. You have to centralize all the data of the company in one place, it must be easily accessible, and governance has to be done right. And, last but not least, the price has to stay reasonable. All those aspects come up as quite a challenge. But never fear. Viacheslav Inozemtsev outlines the experience of building Zalando's data lake. Read more.

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