4–7 Nov 2019

Serverless containers: Nodeless Kubernetes and vertical pod autoscaling

Byron Berrisford (Spotinst)
11:0011:45 Wednesday, 6 November 2019
Location: M6/M7
Secondary topics:  Overview

Who is this presentation for?

  • DevOps practitioners, engineers, and CTOs




The pricing model layer includes spot, on-demand, and reserved instances (RIs). Spot instances are spare compute capacity on AWS and one of three ways that Amazon sells its compute capacity—the other two being on-demand instances and reserved instances. In terms of the servers themselves, there’s no difference between the three. Spot instances are typically recommended for stateless and non-mission-critical workloads since they can be interrupted at a moment’s notice, while RIs and on demand are more recommended for stateful and long-running applications. Byron Berrisford explores what happens if you mix and match all three business models within the same cluster and run stateless and web services containers on spot instances while running databases on on-demand and RIs. He introduces some of the best practices on how to achieve this automatically and efficiently without risking your applications’ high availability.

Different containers and applications come in different forms and sizes and have different requirements. Instead of provisioning infrastructure and then deploying the containers that might have the right resources to run on and might not, Byron introduces a new concept of pod-driven autoscaling, where the size and type of the servers in the cluster are being determined in real time by pods and deployment parameters in order to meet pod, container, and application needs and makes sure that all pods in the cluster have a place and the capacity to run. Byron also outlines how to use the containers-utilization layer to change in real time the limits and resource requests of the containers based on their consumption and utilization.

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure management, Kubernetes, cloud architecture, instances, reserved instances, and on-demand servers

What you'll learn

  • Discover the best way to be cost efficient, how to save on your cloud computing costs, and what the fastest automated way to do it is
  • Learn about the world of spot instances and preemptible virtual machines
Photo of Byron Berrisford

Byron Berrisford


Byron Berrisford is customer-facing, full stack solutions architect at Spotinst representing the solutions team in the UK. Byron has in-depth experience in cloud, virtualization, storage, and datacenter technologies gained from 15 years’ experience in the industry and with work across numerous practices, including native cloud architecture, infrastructure architecture and design, converged systems, enterprise storage and virtualization. His advisory expertise helps customers better adopt and adapt to the technologies that best fit for their business requirements. He’s a geek at heart, passionate about technology and how customers can use emerging and existing technologies to solve their business problems. Byron is a strong proponent and advocate for agile and SRE methodologies in DevOps using automation, orchestration, config management, and CI/CD along with containerization to accelerate business results through technology, firmly believing that removing many of the silos that exist in most IT departments can drive real results that turn IT into a business enabler rather than a cost center. This synergy matches the culture and benefits of Spotinst, driving customers to consume cloud services in the most efficient way.

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