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Why software architects fail and what to do about it

Stefan Tilkov (INNOQ)
9:059:25 Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Location: King's Suite
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We’ve all seen them: ambitious projects that started out with grand visions and ended up as costly lessons in what not to do, leaving behind the ruins of promising paradigms, technologies, tools, and careers. But why do architecture approaches sometimes hurt instead of providing value? Why has “architect” become a negative term for some people? And what can we do to improve our own work? Stefan Tilkov looks at some of the most common pitfalls that ensure you’ll come up with a disaster and explains how they can be avoided.

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Stefan Tilkov


Stefan Tilkov is a founder and principal consultant at INNOQ, where he spends his time alternating between advising customers on new technologies and taking the blame from his coworkers for doing so. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and author of numerous articles.

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