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Observable Microservices

Maria Gomez (ThoughtWorks)
13:1514:05 Monday, 29 October 2018
Location: King's Suite - Sandringham Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Best Practice

Who is this presentation for?

Architects, tech leads, developers, teams maintaining microservices in production

Prerequisite knowledge

Basic knowledge of microservices and distributed systems is recommended but not required

What you'll learn

* Approaches to design microservices so they can be maintained and effectively operationalized * Approaches for logging and monitoring * Approaches for defining and evolve alerts * New trends and techniques and tools worth exploring


Think of this talk as a Microservices 201. Most of us know how to build a microservice, where to find frameworks and how to choose languages but sometimes we don’t spend enough time thinking how we will maintain them. One the reason could be that we never had to maintain or support production systems, that we leave that task to the Operations team, but, that has changed and we’re moving to a place where developer build and run systems. So, making sure you can get the right information in the right way out of these systems is crucial.

In this talk, I review these some of the most important operational concerns and explore the concept of “observability” as a way to maintain a healthy production environment. I explain the techniques and practices teams are currently using as well as looking at new trends and analyze what the future looks like for this field.

Main topics include:
- Building microservices that are observable
- Treating logging and monitoring as first-class citizens and evolve them with your systems.
- Creating smart alerts and new approaches for on-call duty

Photo of Maria Gomez

Maria Gomez


Maria Gomez is a Market Tech Principal at ThoughtWorks in Barcelona. Over her more than nine years of industry experience, Maria has worked with many different technologies and domains, which has helped her lead teams and advise stakeholders in making the right technology decisions. She is also a speaker and an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the IT industry.

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