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Moving Megaliths to the Serverless Cloud

Rick Timmis (WiFiSPARK Ltd), Janet Valbuena (WiFiSPARK Ltd)
10:4512:15 Monday, 29 October 2018
Cloud native
Location: King's Suite - Balmoral Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Case Study, Hands-on

Who is this presentation for?

Systems Engineers, DevOps, Platform Managers, Development Managers, Chief Technology Officers, Solutions Architects, Software developers

Prerequisite knowledge

Linux, Unix systems administration LAMP Stack Application development AWS Amazon Services

What you'll learn

A Real world example of how its done. Understanding how to approach breaking up a monolithic architecture. How to think strategically, whilst delivering tactically in a live environment. How to balance Risk.


This presentation will be an in detail discussion of a real world migration of our application ( SPARK ) from Megalithic application hosted in Data Centre to AWS Amazon services using serverless architecture.

The presentation will take the audience on a journey, through which we will visit the things that worked, and the things that failed, along with insightful information about why that was.

The Journey follows a path as follows

  • Architectural Assessment of the Megalith and its requirements
  • Understanding component separation
  • Designing and Implementing a packaging strategy
  • Building a supporting continuous integration system
  • Developing a staging platform
  • Implementing the Production Platform
  • Moving the customers while keeping services live
  • Decommissioning the Megalith
  • Re-assessing the component services
  • Identifying and developing the serverless components
  • Designing a serverless architecture
  • Migrating component services to serverless
  • How to make those changes underneath a live running service
  • How to deliver maintenance and updates
  • Future vision – where are we going from here.
Photo of Rick Timmis

Rick Timmis


A Charismatic, optimistic, and sociable geek, cut from the cloth of ‘Getting things done’. A graduate of the university of reallydunnit. A wealth of experience in software systems, mechnical engineering and business systems automation.

An active participant in the Free software, Open Source community. Founding member and former CEO of the UK Open Source Consortium and currently a member, mentor and developer with the Kubuntu flavour of the Ubuntu linux distribution

Multiple directorship appointments, very experienced at delivering evolutionary internal change and implementing ERP and CRM systems, Rick is currently working with WiFi SPARK Ltd helping with their international growth programme, and responsible for Platform, Systems and Software Development.

Photo of Janet Valbuena

Janet Valbuena


Software developer, Package Manager, Release Manager and technology advocat

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