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Serverless Microservices at Fender Digital

Michael Garski (Fender Digital)
16:5017:40 Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Case Study

Who is this presentation for?

Architects, Sr. Engineers

Prerequisite knowledge

Familiarity with FaaS concepts

What you'll learn

The audience will learn how we changed our approach to service development to create a 100% serverless architecture that is performant and robust. While the specifics in the presentation will cover services built on AWS Lambda, the concepts apply to any FaaS platform.


Serverless is a new approach to application architecture, and developers can encounter challenges when developing applications with FaaS due to the unknowns of using a new platform. The service architecture for Fender Digital is event-driven and 100% serverless, and getting there required experimentation and adapting our approach to service architecture.

When embracing serverless there are new sets of challenges that are encountered. How many functions should I use? How will I monitor application health and ensure observability? How can I optimize for the costs and performance of my application? Topics covered will include:

  • Optimizing function invocation performance
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Serverless architecture best practices

In this presentation, Michael Garski will focus on the approach that Fender Digital has taken to implement a 100% serverless infrastructure and the practices they have honed over the last two years as they embraced FaaS. This presentation will also provide an overview of the architecture was implemented and how it addresses the challenges associated with serverless architectures.

Photo of Michael Garski

Michael Garski

Fender Digital

Michael Garski is the Director of Platform Engineering at Fender Digital, where he manages the team responsible for service development & testing, devops, and data. Previously he has worked as a Search Architect at Myspace working with various search technologies including, Solr, and Elasticsearch. He is passionate about application reliability and observability and their impact on customer satisfaction.

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