Engineering the Future of Software
16–18 October 2017: Conference & Tutorials
18–19 October 2017: Training
London, UK

The dark art of flow

Jakub Korab (Ameliant)

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Experience working in systems made up of many services or in integration

What you'll learn

  • Understand how system-wide monitoring can help diagnose system-wide bottlenecks, how to find the causes of such issues, and how to design around them


Your system has just seized up. It may have received an unusually large volume of traffic, or maybe it seems like nothing has changed from everyday operation. A system three web service calls downstream has stopped behaving the way that it should. You’re not getting through the workload fast enough. Pressure builds up in your service until web requests start being rejected. Now what?

Jakub Korab explains what happens in a distributed system when the proverbial pipes clog up and demonstrates how to rapidly diagnose the symptoms of such a scenario through system-wide monitoring. Along the way, Jakub discusses common causes and issues involved in such backpressure situations as well as patterns and strategies used by asynchronous frameworks like Vert.x and Akka to handle massive throughput. You’ll learn how to apply those same techniques to your existing applications and walk away with an understanding of how to ensure a steady flow of data through your systems in unusual operational situations.

Photo of Jakub Korab

Jakub Korab


Jakub Korab is principal consultant at Ameliant, where he specializes in open source messaging and integration. Jakub’s experience ranges from architecture to development to troubleshooting, and he has worked for over 100 clients worldwide across a range of industries, including investment banking, law enforcement, gaming, aviation, logistics, utilities, and space exploration. Jakub is the author of Understanding Message Brokers and Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook.

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