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Bounded contexts for legacy code

10:4512:15 Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Location: Buckingham Room - Palace Suite Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Case Study, Overview
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What you'll learn

  • Learn how to introduce more deliberate architecture into existing applications


Introducing deliberate architectural practices into existing monolithic codebases can be daunting. Often the code itself can resist such attempts in subtle ways that negatively impact a team with little architectural experience.

Drawing on a real-world project as an example, James Thompson explains how to implement bounded contexts into such applications in conjunction with normal feature development and maintenance. Emphasis will be given to the aspects of the application that made implementing better architectural practices more difficult, including matters of process and implementation. Along the way, James shares a feature that provides the practical vehicle for introducing architectural improvements to one area of the application and discusses how this feature was used to bring more deliberate architectural thinking and boundaries to the example project.

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James Thompson


James Thompson is a staff software engineer at Nav, where he is committed to helping engineering teams become more deliberate in how they build software through developing strong learning cultures, principled engineering practices, and holistic architectural thinking. He has worked with web technologies since 2003. He also loves barbecue.

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19/10/2017 0:42 BST

For those who can’t open the Keynote file I provided O’Reilly, here is a link to my deck on SlideShare: