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29–31 Oct 2018: Tutorials & Conference
31 Oct–1 Nov 2018: Training
London, UK
Heidi Waterhouse

Heidi Waterhouse
Developer Advocate, LaunchDarkly

Website | @wiredferret

Heidi Waterhouse is a developer advocate at LaunchDarkly. She works at the intersection of cutting-edge technology, usability, and possible disaster.


10:1510:45 Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Location: Table 1
Heidi Waterhouse (LaunchDarkly)
Heidi loves to talk about feature flags, deployment options, and how to reduce risk while increasing speed. She's always here for disaster stories, near misses, and strange tales about historical technology. And if you're interested, she also has 20 years of experience as a technical writer and has a lot of opinions on how documentation and DevOps can be friends. Read more.
13:1514:05 Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Location: Buckingham Room - Palace Suite
Secondary topics:  Best Practice
Heidi Waterhouse (LaunchDarkly)
Here's some sad news: staging is a lie and will never be identical to production, because production is unknowable. But here's the good news: production can contain multitudes, including features you aren’t ready to turn on or activate yet. Join Heidi Waterhouse for an exploration of the ways that you might be able to kill staging and perform better. Read more.