Engineering the Future of Software
16–18 October 2017: Conference & Tutorials
18–19 October 2017: Training
London, UK

Schedule: Sponsored sessions

13:1514:05 Monday, 16 October 2017
Location: Windsor Suite
bhavana srinivas (PubNub)
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As software continues to evolve from a request/response architecture to an always-on data stream architecture, a lot has to change. Bhavana Srinivas explores new software architectures that make it easy for companies to deliver applications that rely on streaming data and real-time messaging. Read more.
14:1515:05 Monday, 16 October 2017
Location: Windsor Suite
Thomas Sigdestad (Enonic AS)
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Thomas Sigdestad leads a Star Wars-themed talk about progressive web apps (PWAs) and how they are changing the future of application development. Thomas also discusses the death of REST and why new backend technologies such as GraphQL and GRPC are better suited to fuel the needs of tomorrow's clients Read more.
15:5016:40 Monday, 16 October 2017
Location: Windsor Suite
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Cloud-native applications—containerized apps that run in a cluster, whether in the public cloud or in a hybrid cloud setup—are going mainstream. Michael Hausenblas offers an overview of the CNCF stack, where cloud native goes beyond 12-factor apps, and walks you through the design and implementation process for a concrete app, using Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Istio. Read more.
9:209:35 Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Location: King's Suite - Balmoral
Yiannis Kanellopoulos (Code4Thought)
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Software is the DNA of modern society. However, most organizations don't seem to care about the people who are fundamentally responsible for implementing their digital vision: software developers. Yiannis Kanellopoulos explores several deficiencies SIG found in its current approach to making developers excel and realizing prophesied potential. So how can you help? One word: empowerment. Read more.
13:1514:05 Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Location: Windsor Suite
Shiva Rao (Intel)
Shiva Rao explains how to deploy and leverage FPGAs to accelerate specific data center workloads to optimize performance and lower power consumption and offers an overview of an acceleration stack for enabling applications running on Intel Xeon processors to leverage FPGA acceleration across the ecosystem of Intel FPGA-based acceleration platforms. Read more.
9:0012:30 Wednesday, 18 October 2017
Location: Blenheim Room
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Pepijin van de Kamp shares a simple, fact-based method of building software systems and their architecture, covering some frequently encountered architectural styles and ways to identify architectural bottlenecks in your implementations. Read more.