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Ann Mwangi

Ann Mwangi
Application Developer, ThoughtWorks


Ann Mwangi is an application developer at ThoughtWorks. Previously, she worked in QA and was a consultant for projects across a number of continents. Ann contributes to open source projects and serves as a mentor with groups like Rails Girls, coaching and working with young people interested in IT. She’s intrigued by the complexity of life, people, and how teams effectively work together. Ann hates being stagnant in life and thus keeps seeking for opportunities to grow both as a person and employee.


14:1515:05 Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Location: King's Suite - Sandringham
Secondary topics:  Anti-Pattern, Best Practice, Overview
Ann Mwangi (ThoughtWorks)
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Architects are increasingly becoming convinced that the cloud is the way to scale. The most important consideration after deciding on a cloud migration is the architectural design of the proposed infrastructure. Ann Mwangi shares considerations when deciding on and designing a cloud architecture for a business and highlights common pitfalls that teams fall into during this process. Read more.