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16–18 October 2017: Conference & Tutorials
18–19 October 2017: Training
London, UK
Bryan Moyles

Bryan Moyles
Software Engineer, Google


Bryan Moyles is a software engineer at Google with plenty of experience in the beautiful ups of what works and the downs of what doesn’t. Bryan leads a local meetup group to share what he’s learned along his journey and learn some clever bits of wisdom himself from those in the community. Bryan enjoys spending Sunday sessions at his local Starbucks coding and researching, and when he can, he visits his family all over the world. He recently won the FTC’s Humanity Strikes Back competition after developing RoboKiller, an algorithm that could detect and destroy robocalls.


15:5016:40 Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Integration architecture
Location: King's Suite - Sandringham
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Overview
Bryan Moyles (Google)
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Kubernetes is an open source scheduling system that manages your containers. Admittedly, some of the concepts are difficult to understand. Bryan Moyles covers the bare minimum you need to know to get a basic web service up and running and shares best practices for managing canary deployments, managing configuration files, leveraging the internal DNS provided by Kubernetes services, and more. Read more.