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16–18 October 2017: Conference & Tutorials
18–19 October 2017: Training
London, UK
Nils Magnus

Nils Magnus
Member of the Board and Director, Events, LinuxTag Association and Open Telekom Cloud


Nils Magnus is a system architect and journalist. He has a 15+-year track record in open source security architecture, engineering, and cloud infrastructure. He believes in scalable, sustainable software solutions and cooperative, Agile development. In his role as a board member at LinuxTag Association and the German Unix Users Group, Nils organizes conferences and workshops on these topics. He works for Open Telekom Cloud, the simple, affordable, and secure IaaS framework. Nils lives in Munich and Berlin.


15:5016:40 Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Location: Buckingham Room - Palace Suite
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Overview, Theoretical
Nils Magnus (LinuxTag Association and Open Telekom Cloud)
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Nils Magnus outlines the 12 stages of self-awareness that lead to ultimate container enlightenment. It's a long and winding road: while usual suspects like system engineers, developers, and system designers understand container virtualization fairly well, its architectural pattern remains a different cup of tea, and orchestration frameworks and auxiliary tools make it hard to see to the bottom. Read more.