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16–18 October 2017: Conference & Tutorials
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London, UK

The road taken

14:1515:05 Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Microservices, pros and cons
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite
Secondary topics:  Anti-Pattern, Best Practice, Case Study
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Prerequisite Knowledge

  • A basic understanding of monolithic and microservice architectures, continuous integration and continuous deployment, REST, and APIs

What you'll learn

  • Explore Gamesys's journey from an old monolithic architecture to a containerized microservice architecture


Three years ago, Gamesys was still running on an old monolithic architecture to handle its gaming business. While this was manageable when the company only employed a handful of people, it wasn’t scaling well as the technical department reached hundreds of developers. Problems like late integration, communication issues between teams, and fixed-term monthly releases meant that the company couldn’t get its features and stories done in time or with the quality it desired.

Gamesys planned to move to a microservice architecture to combat these problems and decided on a few technical and organizational changes early on, including:

  • Setting up a team to develop a common platform and make it easy for other teams to create and deploy new services for both new features and to replace the old features inside the legacy architecture;
  • Standardizing to use well-defined APIs to talk between microservices and setting up a virtual API team to facilitate cross-team communication and to help standardize these APIs;
  • Creating a legacy in a box (moving the old monolith into a container to make it easier for it to be deployed and tested);
  • Using Ansible as a common tool to facilitate automation requirements and centralizing the configuration to make it more visible.

Zsolt Sztupák shares Gamesys’s experience, pinpointing various design decisions that both helped and hindered the team in achieving what they wanted.

Photo of Szilard Zsolt Sztupak

Szilard Zsolt Sztupak


Zsolt Sz. Sztupák is a senior software engineer on the platform engineering team at Gamesys, where he helps the company automate its processes. Zsolt started his professional career as an infrastructure engineer who spent most of his days laying CAT-6 cables. While he eventually ventured further into more development-oriented positions, he always remained aware that development doesn’t actually end when you finish coding. He enjoys working on security architecture while looking into new technologies like Kubernetes. Zsolt has given a number of talks on the development stack and DevOps in general.