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18-19 October 2016: Training
19-21 October 2016: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Asko Kauppi

Asko Kauppi
Agility Coach, Zalando Finland

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Asko Kauppi is an agility coach at Zalando, where he helps pump up a site that promises radical agility and full team autonomy to its developers. Asko has four years’ experience in Scala, 20 years’ with C++, and a few years’ with assembly and electronics. In his free time, Asko enjoys kayaking and hiking in the wilderness. He’s worried about the loss of biodiversity caused by our civilization’s demand for efficiency and monocultures.


16:50–17:40 Friday, 21/10/2016
Integration architecture
Location: Park Suite (St. James/Regents) Level: Intermediate
Asko Kauppi (Zalando Finland)
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Asko Kauppi shares what a prototype project discovered about the benefits of truly embracing data streaming and the value of seeing it from the “outside in” (the customer-facing application’s point of view). Using a live demo, Asko covers techniques such as data as code, killing configuration, and providing the minimum appropriate dataset to a subscriber. Read more.