Engineering the Future of Software
18-19 October 2016: Training
19-21 October 2016: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK
Picture of Hugh Greene

Hugh Greene
Principal Engineer, Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd

Role: small-team tech lead collaborating globally.

Recent: LAN-scale Java services; C/C++ configuration management with Gradle; C++ desktop apps.

Interests: requirements; performance trade-offs; dev-ops/-tools; architecture; innovation (TRIZ).

Recent comments

posted over 3 years ago:
Hi Rob, thanks for the idea that "good-enough abstractions are better than none (or than copying code)" :-)
posted over 3 years ago:
Hi Patrick, I see your slides aren't up yet so this may be in them but ... do you have a good link for more info on Google's 5 key points? I'd be interested to hear a little more on what they said...
posted over 3 years ago:
Hi Martin, thanks for the great talk. I hadn't considered that separation of concerns between threads would improve CPU cache usage. I also loved the "LOC deleted" metric idea ;-)
posted over 3 years ago:
Hi folks, thanks for the fun presentation :-) Even though microservices aren't too relevant to my day-to-day work there were some very useful snippets: the Inverse Conway Manoeuvre, and the idea o...
posted over 3 years ago:
Hi Chris, thanks for a well-structured session with much surprising (to me) learning about cost vs. performance, good advice on when these concerns are applicable, and some starter ideas on what to...