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June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA
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Shaping and communicating architecture

Seth Dobbs (Bounteous)
9:00am–12:30pm Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Leadership skills
Location: 210 C/G
Secondary topics:  Best Practice, Overview
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Active architects and tech leads



What you'll learn

  • Learn a process and strategy for effectively shaping and communicating architecture to meet the needs of different stakeholders, such as the development team, project managers, business owners, and designers


Success as an architect comes from more than technical expertise and solid ideas. It’s a leadership role that requires effective communication to succeed, a challenge which is made more difficult by the ecosystem that the architect works in. We need to get input from and communicate our thoughts to a wide range of stakeholders, including business representatives, project managers, development team members, and designers.

For architects and tech leads that have trouble getting their development team to buy into their approach, see the issues they bring to the business owner shot down, or experience a disconnect with the design team resulting in being given designs that can’t be built on time and on budget, Seth Dobbs gives you the tools and strategies to become a more effective communicator by discussing:

  • The role of architects and tech leads and what we need to communicate
  • Our different stakeholders and what they need to know
  • A process for shaping and communicating solutions
  • Different communication (and listening) styles and how to effectively alter your style to be better heard
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Seth Dobbs


Seth Dobbs is the vice president of engineering at Bounteous, where he directs the development of ecommerce, web, and mobile applications; digital transformations; and other solutions for numerous clients. This work includes architecting an ecommerce system that grew to be the fourth-largest transactional commerce system on the internet. Seth sets the technology direction at Bounteous and drives the technical skill development by organizing and presenting deep dives into new languages, database platforms, and methodologies. He’s also developed several internal architecture and leadership training courses and blogs. Seth was named Chicago’s best technology manager for 2016 by Tech in Motion. He began his career as a software engineer at Motorola, where he was first exposed to complex architectures and where he designed and implemented a service-based framework enabling data services to be distributed and recoverable across multiple servers. Seth holds a BS in computer science from Illinois Tech.

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06/11/2019 8:28am PDT

Thanks to everyone who attended today! As promised, here’s a link to a free online DISC test:

05/02/2019 4:22am PDT

Can we have a brief summary of the tools and strategies we are going to see on your training?