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June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA
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Reactive DDD: When concurrent waxes fluent

Vaughn Vernon (Kalele and vlingo/PLATFORM)
9:00am–10:30am Thursday, June 13, 2019
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Who is this presentation for?

  • CIOs, CTOs, SVPs, VPs, chief architects, software architects, and senior software developers



What you'll learn

  • Invest in fiscally minded technical stakeholders to develop partnerships with business leaders who can reach breakthroughs in business differentiation while also achieving system-level performance, throughput, and scale
  • Learn about the open source vlingo/platform tools that fully facilitate fluent business-driven software models on modern hardware and software architectures


Rarely achieved in past years, fully utilized hardware can now reach the performance, throughput, and scale possible with reactive software development’s responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven solutions. As crucial, fiscally minded technical stakeholders see the urgent need to partner with business leaders in order to create software that delivers critical, differentiating innovations that are in demand to gain and maintain leadership in today’s fast-paced commercial markets, the world of distribution, concurrency, latency, and the uncertainty of time-critical results must be tackled along with complex business challenges.

Vaughn Vernon introduces the open source vlingo/platform to leverage using DDD with reactive properties. Join in to learn how to adopt this very lightweight JVM-based microservices toolkit to implement with Kotlin and other modern languages to develop cloud native services and apps on small devices such as Android mobile and IoT for business differentiation.

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Vaughn Vernon

Kalele and vlingo/PLATFORM

Vaughn Vernon is the founder, principal architect, and developer of vlingo/PLATFORM at Kalele. A software developer and architect with more than 35 years of experience in a broad range of business domains, Vaughn is a leading expert in domain-driven design (DDD) and champion of simplicity and reactive systems. The open source, DDD-friendly, reactive vlingo/PLATFORM is one example of his commitment to balancing the right technology choices with every essential and unique business vision. He consults on and teaches DDD and reactive software development, helping teams and organizations realize the potential of business-driven and reactive systems as they transition from technology-driven legacy web implementation approaches, putting a strong emphasis on embracing simplicity whenever possible. Vaughn is the author of three books: Implementing Domain-Driven Design, Domain-Driven Design Distilled, and Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model, all published by Addison-Wesley.