Engineering the Future of Software
November 13–14, 2016: Training
November 14–16, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA

Schedule: Reactive and its variants sessions

3:50pm–4:40pm Tuesday, 11/15/2016
Location: California West Level: Advanced
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Will Reactive programming be the default choice for modern apps? When would you want to use event emitters as opposed to event streams with operators? Luca Mezzalira answers these questions and more as he provides a detailed tour of frontend architectures, including where they've been and where we're headed. Read more.
10:45am–12:15pm Wednesday, 11/16/2016
Location: California West Level: Advanced
Stephen Pember (Toast)
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Stephen Pember offers an introduction to Reactive programming, exploring the need for Reactive apps, the fundamentals of Reactive Streams, and the power they can bring to your application, whether it be monolithic or distributed. Along the way, Stephen also demonstrates how to use the various tools available to the JVM. Read more.