Engineering the Future of Software
November 13–14, 2016: Training
November 14–16, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA
Ryan Murray

Ryan Murray
Director, Digital Platform Strategy Group , ThoughtWorks

Ryan Murray is the founder and director of the ThoughtWorks Digital Platform Strategy group. As a principal consultant with ThoughtWorks, Ryan has driven the multiyear platform architecture vision for a major US retailer and provides strategy and hands-on implementation support to a number of other clients in designing and implementing enterprise architectures, platforms, and applications. Ryan is a software technology professional and systems architect with more than 17 years of industry experience and has worked as both consultant and employee in the US, Europe, and the MENA region. Previously, Ryan worked as the director of engineering for several companies, including element^n, a enterprise and web application consulting and delivery firm,, a mobile, cloud-based MBaaS solution, and the Net Planet, s.p.a., an innovative search technology startup in Milan, Italy. Ryan has also served as a software architect for large distributed systems and a technical architect and technical consultant to a number of European and international firms, including Siemens (Germany, Italy), Humanis (France), Spazio ZeroUno (Italy), and Omnitel-Vodafone (Italy). Ryan holds a degree in molecular biology, genetics, and public policy from Duke University.


1:15pm–2:05pm Tuesday, 11/15/2016
Location: Olympic
Ryan Murray (ThoughtWorks)
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Whether an organization is an established leader, or breaking new ground, the mantra is always that we need to move faster. And of course, we need to scale. Architectural and development practices abound that should get us there: agile engineering, microservices, DevOps and so on. But it is not just the our software that needs to scale, but also our approach to delivering it. Read more.